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Metal Touch Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Extremely quiet Easy to clean Just add tap water and essential oils Cool steam No heat involved/no risk of burns Automatically shuts off BPA-free Great for home or office Run life of 5000 hours Rotating LED lights Runs up to 7 hours continuously NOW® Solutions new Metal Touch Ultrasonic Diffuser is a sleek and contemporary diffuser that complements almost any décor and makes a healthy alternative to scented candles and aerosol air fresheners. This attractive unit has rotating LED lights, runs up to seven hours continuously, and has a total run life of 5,000 hours.

Sea Salt Zum Mist 4OZ

Why We Love It:

Zum Mist Sea Salt hits the mark every time. Made with simple, plant-based ingredients and high-quality essential oils, this room and body spray helps you phase out the funk and fade into a coastal daze. The Sea Salt aroma is perfect for spritzing wherever you want to bring fresh whiffs — your gym bag, car, locker room, dresser drawers, the bathroom, wherever.

Made with natural ingredients and no chemical emulsifiers, Zum Sea Salt Spray is great for use on your body and hair. The simple aroma of Sea Salt mixes with relaxing citrus so you feel thoroughly chilled and refreshed in more ways than one.

  Mojo Makers:
  • Essential Oils bring a fresh, airy aroma to amp up your ordinary.
  • Water and Vegetable Glycerin allow you to spray this aromatic delight all around your space or body without the worry of chemical emulsifier additives. Just give it a quick shake beforehand.
  Scent Profile: This fresh blend has initial scents of floral and a hint of grapefruit. A touch of geranium releases underlying smoky patchouli with a citrus finish.

Ultrasonic Faux Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

RODUCT DESCRIPTION ​Just add tap water and essential oils Extremely quiet and easy to clean Cool steam / no heat involved / no risk of burns Automatically shuts off Runs up to 8 hours NOW® Solutions Faux Wood Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser unites scientific innovation with contemporary design to create an essential oil diffuser that's the perfect complement to your home or office. This attractive, flower-shaped diffuser is BPA-free and utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an ultra-fine aromatherapy mist. This diffusion method doesn't utilize heat, which maintains essential oil integrity and holistic properties. It is perfect for daily use and is a healthy alternative to synthetic room fresheners and scented candles. Specifications: Color: Wooden Cover and White Water Tank Color Changing LED Night Light: Blue, Green, Red Modes Misting: On/Off Modes Light: Off or Color Changing Night Light Capacity: 500 ML / 17 FL OZ Dimensions: 8" High x 5" Wide Run Time: Up to 8 Hours Coverage: 400 Square Feet Voltage: 100 to 240 V


VEGAN PROTEIN Natural Chocolate • All Natural* • 20g of Protein Per Serving* • No Aspartame, Sucralose, Artificial Colors. or Artificial Flavors* DESCRIPTION A healthy, alternative to animal-based protein, our vegan formula is made up of three nutrient dense protein sources (Quinoa, Brown Rice and Pea Isolate). These provide amino acids, vitamins, and that minerals your body needs. High in fiber, our vegan protein also helps support healthy blood sugar and weight management.* Our vegan Protein contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. It is also gentle on your digestive system. In addition, we’ve added eleven different super fruits to supply the antioxidants needed to boost overall health.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.