Healthy Eating Tips

5 healthy eating tips with any diet choices

5 healthy eating tips with any diet choices

Each human being is beautifully created with differences and similarities. Picture for one moment, all of the people in your family, or circle, or tribe. Now, bring to your awareness how and what they eat. Can you immediately see how family, culture, health restrictions, beliefs, trauma, and so many other aspects can affect our food choices? This article will kindly and compassionately meet you exactly where you are with your food experiences. Not only will it greet you where you are, but it will take your hand, walk with you, and gently guide you down the path of healthful eating. May these 5 tips join with your current food choices to feed your soul.

Healthy eating tip #1

The practice of Gratitude.
Can we bring in some grace and gratitude into our eating? Yes we can and the results reach far beyond what you may think they would. First of all, we mostly eat without awareness. Unconscious eating may look like shoveling our food in too fast, having no connection to the food we are putting in our body, and having no clue if it is helping heal us or hurt us. When we take a simple moment to be thankful for the food, it brings us into immediate awareness and connection to what it is we are eating. Try being thankful each time you remember before you eat, as you eat and after you eat and watch the ripple into healthier eating.

Healthy eating tip #2

Find your healthy eating balance.
Each body is uniquely made in shape and size and age and stage. What’s for me probably will not be what’s for you. There is freedom in this. I may exercise most of my day because of my job, which requires me to eat differently than you who may sit most of your day and exercise in short bursts. By healthy eating balance, I am referring to the amount of food you take in compared to the amount of movement you put out. Those two things are literally connected. Let’s keep it simple. Eat and move. Move and eat.

Healthy eating tip #3

Keep it fresh and clean.
Choose local produce. Grow your own garden. Freeze or can your extras. Occasionally, work in some organic purchases. If that all seems too much for you, just make sure you are eating that rainbow of fruits and veggies as much as you are able. Go to farmer’s markets in season. Find a local health food store. Eat at restaurants who feature farm to table food. Have potlucks with friends and family and make healthy, fresh foods a priority.

Healthy eating tip #4

Pay attention to how you feel after you eat.
Your body will let you know exactly if you made good choices for yourself by the way the food makes you feel. We all know when we eat junk food or fast food, we immediately feel full, nauseous, or fatigued. When we eat healthy food, we may temporarily feel full, but the food digests easier and we feel better, not worse. If we overeat, we can feel it. If we undereat, our body systems will let us know as we will not feel nourished. Keep balanced and feeling well.

Healthy eating tip #5

Food is energy.
Our body is energy. We must learn to know ourselves as energy beings. Our body is moving, changing, and living and we are connected to the food energy we give to it, not only survive, but thrive. Give your body the nutrition it needs so that it can function in an optimal way. Unhealthy food, processed foods, genetically modified foods and foods sprayed with pesticides all effect our health and well-being. We want to feel alive, happy, and full of life energy. Our food is a critical part of a balanced healthy life experience.
You are what you eat. It literally becomes you. So take in all of the beautiful foods that nature provides and feel better and beautiful!

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